Women Now! 2016
A Pan-African Women's Summit on HIV, Sexual & Reproductive Health & Justice
13 - 15, July 2016 | Hilton Hotel, Durban, South Africa

Message from our chair, Dazon Dixon Diallo

WomenNow! Is the first of its kind. This meeting is different because it is the first international meeting to focus on the intersection of HIV and Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights in the lives of women of African descent;

Request for support – Black women, the most disproportionately affected group of women by the adverse impacts of HIV and sexual/reproductive oppression, need all hands on deck to help us end HIV and achieve Sexual & Reproductive Justice. We need funding and resources to ensure that we can provide scholarships to young women and women from resource-poor settings. We need everyone who agrees with the purpose for this meeting, and will help us get the word out. If you are affiliated with an organization that works on similar issues, we need commitment from these groups to support women to attend the meeting in Durban.

This meeting will be historical. It is so important for folks who want to see women, especially black women, reach the finish line on ending the HIV epidemic, and secure advances in sexual and reproductive freedom. This meeting will not be successful if we do not have a critical mass of people working together to share ideas, innovations and strategies. If you care about Black women’s sexual and reproductive health and justice, this meeting is important for you to attend, because you believe that we can achieve progress better and faster with a collective strategy that can be implemented broadly at the International AIDS Conference, and locally in all of our respective communities.

When WomenNOW! Concludes in July 2016, I hope that we have achieved a few key outcomes:

  • A clear message and strategy for increasing the priority of women of African descent in the global response to HIV and related sexual/reproductive health challenges;
  • A more unified and collective force working together to achieve better and faster results for reducing the incidence of HIV in Black women and increasing the sexual/reproductive health outcomes; and
  • A sustainable process for implementing this meeting at each International AIDS Conference and other global women’s health & development conferences