Women Now! 2016
A Pan-African Women's Summit on HIV, Sexual & Reproductive Health & Justice
13 - 15, July 2016 | Hilton Hotel, Durban, South Africa

Message from our co chair

Message from Yvette Raphael - co chair

We are at a tipping point in the fight against HIV and AIDS. a lot of research and policy are gearing toward the end OF HIV . However this is not the reality for many countries especially those where women carry the burden of HIV infection . We need to learn from our efforts so Far and also plan for the realities that some countries face . Even though a lot has been done so far much more needs to be done with the challenges that women face

The Chairs are all women the Secretariat in South Africa is an organisation of women living with HIV and most of our supporters are women this is a great opportunity to show solidarity and also women's empowerment

Women should attend as this will be an opporutunity to learn from other women who are working in HIV and living with HIV

It will be the first time in the history of the IAC that women from around the GLOBE of colour have an opportunity to come together and discuss issues that directly impacts and affect them. It is also different because it is a meeting uniquely organised by women for women .

Message from our co-chair: Mandisa Dlamini

Women now is important in 2016 because Women are responsive to issues that pertain to their lives – volunteerism, support groups for the infected and affected, disclosure of HIV positive status. In all these important activities or programmes women are predominantly in the majority.

I believe it will bring answers and solutions since stigma and discrimination hits women the most because their socio-culture and economic situation in society.

Everyone should attend to witness history in the making   as women are  ready to fight and recover what they lost out of ignorance, negligence, compromise.

Women Now! is different because it will give women a platform to talk amongst them self's and come out strong and empowered ready to pass the message.